Feedback from Clients and Colleagues

My 12 year old daugher Jesyka has been riding with Bethany for a year. Bethany has been a great trainer, she is patient and caring of her students and their horses. Jesyka was given her first horse last July and Bethany has been gone above and beyond her duties to help Jesyka with Luca. As a first time horse owner this was a change for Jesyka and Bethany was able to help her transition well. Jesyka has improved in her riding and has become a more confident rider with her horse, Jesyka loves having her lessons with Bethany there's no pressure and has fun while still learning. I feel that Bethany really takes the time to teach Jesyka all the fundamentals of riding and caring for her horse, she is always there if we have questions and I am grateful for her support.

Yvonne Montano

Bethany is quite frankly just amazing!!!! I had a very green 9 year old horse with no training that was a rescue. I had tried a couple of other trainers which just didn't work out. Either they were not good with me or they weren't good with Beau my horse (a supposed Arabian/Saddlebred mix). Then Bethany was recommended to me. I met her & she seemed perfect - then she and Beau met & I knew she was. She has and continues to diligently work with Beau & me four times a week. (At the time of this post it will be for about 2 months.)
Beau is now quietly under saddle and on his way to becoming a graceful and handsome Dressage horse. She is very kind and direct with him. She has broken everything into very small steps. So it is easy for him to begin to understand what she asks for and because of this and how consistent she is Beau's confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. I was wary of using a Dressage trainer, but on Bethany's website she mentions she uses the methods of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, & Buck Brannaman. That was what made me feel comfortable trying Bethany and then when I saw her employ those very techniques I knew I had the right person.
She has been great with me too. Bethany made sure I knew what the plan for training was and has been fabulous explaining everything and helping me to do things correctly. She listens when I talk to her about issues I am having working with Beau on my own. She then helps me work those out with him. She has been extremely supportive of the goals I have for Beau & I. Honestly for the first time I feel like things are going to be ok. It is such a HUGE relief!!! She has opened new doors for us too. I never thought about jumping with Beau and now I can't wait. I think he is going to love it. Bethany has had him walking/hopping over poles, logs, and bridges. He loves it & does it gracefully. It's so much fun to see and do with him.
I highly recommend Bethany!!! You will not be disappointed. She truly is just flat amazing!!!!

Dana Stone

I have been training with Bethany for many years. She has worked with me on everything from equitation to eventing, and gave me the knowledge and confidence as a rider and trainer to seek a resident student program on the East coast, where I currently start three year olds and work with other "made" horses. I still ask for her advice on everything horse related! Her best skill would be teaching riders how to not just be passengers but to train their own horses every time they work with them, so that practice is not just to keep the rider at the level they are at, but constantly improve themselves and their mount.

Brittany Barnard

Fabulous trainer ! I adopted a horse with a difficult past that not many people would take on . She gave us both the very valuable tools we needed to move forward to positive results . I would highly recommend her to anyone to further their horsemanship skills she is fantastic !

Bre Bednash

Bethany is a very professional and talented teacher who truly enjoys her work. She teaches not only technique, but also the theory behind the movement and horse psychology. It's a real joy to ride under her tutelage. My riding has improved a lot and I always leave class feeling energized and refreshed. Her horse Penny is my favorite!

Flavia B.

Bethany is an amazingly talented trainer and I would recommend her to anyone! I was introduced to Bethany while taking lessons from her mother, Clare. She not only helped me find the horse of my dreams, she continued training both my horse and me for an additional 6 weeks. I was so thankful for the extra help and was very appreciative of the extra confidence I gained while taking lessons from her.

After just my first lesson with Bethany, my horse and I improved so much! She does an excellent job working on both the horse and rider evenly during her lessons. She took the time to get to know my horse's history and was very positive about what we could accomplish. Overall, I was very impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. I plan on continuing lessons with her in the future, and look forward to seeing where we can go!

Carlee B.

In addition, the clinics she hosts are so incredibly valuable and worthwhile. I have participated in one and observed two. They are the most power packed and informative clinics I've ever had the pleasure of attending.

I am always delighted to spend time with Bethany - as she is so incredibly professional and talented. It's a true blessing to have someone of this caliber working along side you.

Becca Campbell

Beth is a very talented and knowledgeable rider, teacher and trainer. Her riding is lovely and she has taught my two girls beautiful equitation as well. The girls and horses have been working with Beth for about two years and she is always kind and patient with all of them. When training the horses Beth thinks about the whole horse, both the physical and the mental aspects needed for a safe and willing animal. I am very pleased with the progress both the children and horses have made.


Brenda Barnard


I want to let you know how fortunate we are to have you working with our horses. Over the last few years, you have consistently proved yourself to be professional, reliable, kind and effective. Both Mikie and Calico have had their "issues," but we've seen continuous progress with both horses. You've managed to do wonders with Mikie our sensitive opinionated Thoroughbred and as I've told you before, he's likes you which says volumes! Calico our young green mare just recently went to her first dressage show and did better then we ever expected! Mostly, I appreciate that you take the time to recognize that my horses have unique needs and personalities. I always feel that when they're left in your hands, that they will be treated with care and respect. Lastly, the insight that you are able to offer my 14 year when she is taking lessons is invaluable and we're looking forward to next years show season!!

Thanks Beth!

Kathy Kimmich

What I learned from Bethany is that QUALITY is #1. For example: It is no use trying do a circle spiraling in at the trot if you have not established a connected, rhythmic trot. I will always be grateful for that reminder.

Robin Smith

My horse and I are so lucky to have found Beth. I contacted Beth because I needed help with my horse on trail. With Beth's training, my horse and I are both confident and having fun on the trail! We have now moved on to other challenges and we are still working with Beth so we can look pretty in the arena. Beth possesses an intuitive knowledge of horses, complemented by a breadth of formal training and expertise. She conveys this in a professional yet friendly and understandable manner. Beth is organized and develops a realistic plan for you and your horse, according to you and your horse's needs, abilities and personalities. In the process, you and your horse will establish a lasting trust and friendship in each other. I have nothing but great things to say about Bethany!

Teressa Toto

I was introduced to Beth by our friend in common, Peggy Martin. Small world with such good people in it. Beth was riding Peggy's horses and Peggy was very happy with the changes Beth was making for them. Then Beth came to our clinic with Mark Rashid last year. I kept her card, and when life got too busy for me to ride my own ponies, I called her. I wanted to learn more about fundamental dressage and jumping! Beth is my gal. Beth specializes in hunters, jumpers, and dressage fundamentals, equine conditioning, as well as the basic education of the young horse. Whitney is progressing nicely. He is more balanced and comfortable in his gaits, he is learning to round up under his saddle, physically he is developing correctly and becoming stronger, more supple, and more confident. We are working together; she is teaching me dressage and helping Whitney as I learn.She will come to you, her fees are reasonable, she has a big heart for horses and she is a very capable instructor.

Beth Anne Doblado

Dear Bethany...Thank you so much for all of the training you've given Champagne from October to April. You are an extremely well-qualified trainer, and above all your quiet and patient manner is a blessing.

Barbara Graver

Hi are so generous with the time you spend with the horses and your clients; I really notice and appreciate your ethics.

Thanks again Beth.

Lonnie Kitch

My experience with horse trainer Bethany Wallace has been and continues to be an informative, productive, and enjoyable experience. Bethany is skilled and experienced in training techniques and equine behavior. She is also able to articulate these techniques and behaviors in a clear and concise manner. Bethany's sensitivity to the uniqueness and individual needs of each horse is reflected in her caring approach to the training process.

Jennifer Sapiro

Bethany Wallace responded to our advertisement for experienced riders to exercise our horses. I liked Beth immediately at our initial interview, and welcomed her to come back to ride. One of the horses Beth rode for us was Against the Wind, a High-Prelim Show jumper Hanoverian mare, formerly owned and shown by Susie Hutchison. This mare had been pastured as a broodmare for several years, and Beth helped us bring her back to the routine of riding and being handled by people. This horse eventually became a lesson horse, thanks to Beth and the confidence in people she helped instill in this mare. Beth handled her wonderfully, calming her down and making her comfortable again under saddle and with people. During the several months Beth was at our barn, we observed her to be an excellent rider, as well as conscientious and professional in every way. She took the time to groom the horses well both before and after riding, and she also demonstrated her knowledge of warming up before, and completely cooling down the horses after a work-out. She always cleaned up after herself and the horses for which she was responsible. The trainers at our barn also commented on her excellent riding ability and horse care skills. What I really appreciate about Beth is her respect for my authority as well as her kind treatment of other people at our barn. She was reliable, and she contacted me if for some reason she could not make it out to ride. I would trust Beth with the responsibility for the care and riding of any of our horses.

Sally Cobb, Manager Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center

Bethany has been working with my mustang, Jerico, and I for several months now. It has been a wonderful experience for us both. I was very concerned about finding a trainer that both I and my sensitive, wild horse could feel comfortable with. Bethany has far exceeded my expectations in this and in all regards. She is very quiet and well natured in working with my horse, and although extremely knowledgeable, welcomes my thoughts and input, allowing me to be a part of this process...I am extremely grateful for the wonderful experience working with Bethany has been, and cannot recommend her enough for your equine needs.

Joanna Wittenberg

Beth... thanks again, and looking forward to next week. It was really nice to hear positive comments about the horses, and I learned more in that one day about them than the whole 3 months since I bought the first. It was really nice to see them being ridden, especially Galahad--he's so pretty and stallion like---and its nice to hear positive comments about Fin being good--- and forward and not lazy--I spent a lot of time researching to invest in the best quality 3 year old I could (almost 4). It was the most positive experience...I've had since I got my horses. You have a gentle and kind way with the horses---and that's something that has been missing...thanks again!

Debbie Krasner